How to add a countdown timer in SendPulse?

SendPulse with MailTimers:


Create a MailTimers countdown timer

Use the MailTimers timer builder to create a new countdown timer that fits nicely into the design of your email.

MailTimers Countdown Timer

Copy embed source code that is generated like this:

MailTimers Countdown Timer

Log in to your SendPulse account and go to Email Builder

Choose a template or use your own.
Add a Custom Text Block. Just select the appropriate button from the left-hand toolbar and drag it to the section of your email template where you want to drop it in.

MailTimers Countdown Timer

Open HTML Editor

Select the added text block, in the editor menu click on the advanced settings button.

MailTimers Countdown Timer

Open the HTML Editor, to do this, click on the "Source code" button.

MailTimers Countdown Timer

Paste countdown timer code & Save

Remove default block content and paste previously copied countdown timer code.
Click "OK" button to save the result.

MailTimers Countdown Timer

Send your email with a countdown timer

MailTimers Countdown Timer

Have fun creating great looking SendPulse email templates enhanced with your customized MailTimers countdown timers!