How to create urgency with a countdown timer to improve conversions in 4 steps

Powerful selling text and stunning visuals are essential for any email campaign. Here is one more element to incorporate into your communication — countdown timer. Its effectiveness has been proven countless times. When used properly, it can drastically improve conversions and increase sales. Countdown timers instantly make a point, telling customers to act immediately to get what they need.

Emphasize the sense of urgency and increase conversions in just 4 steps:


Set a deadline

When setting a deadline, find a perfect middle ground. Avoid giving too much time to think and try not to limit the time to the point where it scares customers off. Create urgency without stress and pressure.


Create scarcity

Limited-time offers can boost sales by 226%. If you’re going to offer a service or product that is limited in any way, remember that the time to get it will be limited as well. Let the customers know about it using a countdown timer in your email.


Use specific language

Accentuate the feeling of urgency by adding specific words and phrases to your email copy. Consider using active phrases like “get now”, “hurry up”, “limited offer” in the header and CTA to compliment the timer and draw attention to the importance of acting fast. Your copy's tone should be convincing and credible, so the customers know that they can miss out if they don’t act immediately.


Include a strong CTA

The stronger is your CTA, the more effective is your marketing communication. Think about what your customer needs or wants to achieve, and offer them a solution. This solution is accessed through CTA, so make it clear and engaging. Use phrases like “buy now” or “reserve your seat today” to create a sense of urgency and motivate customers to take action.

In conclusion:

Using time-based scarcity in marketing is incredibly useful for improving conversions. Use a countdown timer in combination with specific phrases (like “get now” or “limited time offer”), clear deadline, and strong CTA.