How Using a Countdown Timer in Email Can Improve Conversions

First thing first — what is a countdown timer?

A countdown timer is a tool for creating a sense of urgency in the email. It sends a message to the customer's subconsciousness and sets a deadline for the deal without mentioning it. As a result, customers will more likely take action and click on your CTA.

This marketing psychology method is widely used on landing pages, websites, in emails, and even on television shopping networks. Sometimes countdowns are used more subtly, so the customer doesn’t feel pressured, but they are more often placed front and center.

Consider adding a countdown timer to your emails to emphasize the sense of scarcity through highly targeted content, delivered directly to your ideal customer.

5 tips for getting the most out of countdown timer in your emails:

It’s really simple to put a countdown timer in your email. But don’t forget to treat it properly to increase conversions. Here are some factors you want to take into account:


Always be honest about the deadlines.

It’s a benefit for your email to have the feeling of urgency, and the countdown timer is the perfect tool for that. However, don’t try to accentuate that feeling with a false deadline. Honesty is crucial for establishing respectful relationships with your customers. Remember to always be honest about your offer and its deadline.


Be clear about the deal.

Make sure that your offer is stated clearly in the email. Give customers all the details they need to make a decision and back them up with a countdown timer. Provide information that helps the customer and encourages them to meet a deadline. Treat your customers with respect and don’t try to sell everything in one email. Keep their minds clear about the offer and for how long it’ll be available.


Use countdowns sparingly.

Be moderate while using countdowns. Even though timers are extremely beneficial, you want to use them when they’re relevant. If you use countdown timers for every other email, customers might feel tricked and pushed into buying. You’ve worked hard to earn your customers’ trust and it’s important to sustain it.


Keep it above the fold.

It’s all about balance. You want to use countdown timers sparingly and wisely, and when you do, place them above the fold to be detected. Every crucial piece of content goes there, as it’s easier for readers to notice it. If the deadline appears only after scrolling, the customer might miss it.


Position the CTA near the timer.

You got your countdown timer placed and set the clear offer. Time to create a strong CTA to make the whole combination even more effective. Consider placing your CTA near the countdown, so your customer knows how to act and when to act in the same section of your email.

In conclusion:

Using time-based scarcity in marketing is incredibly effective for improving conversions. Set a clear deadline and describe your offer to gain customers’ trust and increase sales.