5 examples of countdown timer emails

The countdown timer is an effective tool to improve conversions and increase sales by drawing more attention to CTA. Timer and CTA have to work together and complement each other. Keep them together above the fold and consider visual hierarchy, color psychology, and appropriate language for your campaign. All the elements of your email have to deliver information about an offer and persuade customers to take needed action.

Here are a few examples of how to use countdown timers effectively:



Contests and giveaways are the perfect activities to use countdown timers for. Set up a deadline and visualize it with a timer, creating a greater sense of urgency: you need to click right now to win.



Paper coupons are outdated and inconvenient. Usually, customers stack many coupons together and forget about them until they expire. Fortunately, that’s not the case for coupons sent by email with a little reminder of the expiration date. Use the countdown timer to clearly limit the time the coupon is valid. This tactic is widely used by big companies, like Starbucks. Increase conversion by making your customers’ lives easier with simple coupon usage.


Holiday sales

Holidays are limited in time by default. Emphasize it with a countdown timer when sending your holiday offer. You have a few options of what deadline to accentuate, for example when your holiday sale is about to begin (or end), or how much time do customers have before a big holiday (e.g., “Valentine's Day is in two days, get your lover a present now!”).


Live events

Other time-related events are concerts, conferences, seminars, etc. You can use a countdown timer to let customers know when you start selling tickets, when the seat reservation will be closed and even offer some discount if they purchase their tickets before a specific deadline.


Sales events

Before any seasonal sale, inventory sale, or new product launch, consider utilizing a countdown timer for your email campaign. Use a timer to announce an upcoming sale or to count down the time sale will be rolling. Your customers will be thankful for having a clear understanding of what and when to expect and your conversion will eventually grow.

In conclusion:

Using time-based scarcity in marketing is incredibly useful for improving conversions. Set a clear deadline and describe your offer to gain customers’ trust and increase sales. Use a countdown timer for different events such as holiday campaigns, contests announcement, coupons distribution and more.